5 Useful RV Maintenance Tips That You Need To Know

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5 Useful RV Maintenance Tips That You Need To Know

5 Useful RV Maintenance Tips That You Need To Know

Spring is here and its time to shake the dust off your RV and start with annual maintenance! We've listed the 5 helpful tips every RV owner must know in 2019!

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On the road again! Summer is almost here, and it's time to get out our RV's.

But, before we do, we need to do some RV maintenance.

RV maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Proper RV maintenance can elongate your RV's lifespan and keep it looking great.

Our RV's are a source of fun, security, and connection. They're the perfect way to hang out with the family and explore the country.

RV's also represent freedom, adventure, and independence. Whether you use your RV year round or just for special trips, you'll need to perform regular maintenance.

RV maintenance is needed for a variety of trip lengths as well. From New York City to Calfornia or just down the road to your family's barbeque certain RV maintenance is needed.

So, what RV maintenance tips do you need to know about?

Read on to discover top maintenance tips to make sure your RV runs like a dream and lasts longer.

On the Road Again: 5 RV Maintenance Tips

Have a favorite place to travel to each year? No matter what kind of RV or trip you have planned, you'll need to perform RV maintenance. Explore the following RV maintenance tips to make sure you and your RV are ready for the best trips of the summer.

1. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is needed to prevent material breakdown. Extreme temperatures, especially heat, can wear down your RV's interior. Materials that can wear down include flooring, seals, and seams.

Open the vents as often as possible to promote air circulation. Cover up exterior vents when open to prevent rain and animals from getting inside as well.

2. Cover

If possible, park your RV indoors. This is especially true during long periods of time when the RV is not in use. At the very least, cover up the roof to prevent deterioration.

If you must park your RV outside during the winter, then make sure to remove snow and ice on a regular basis.

3. Fluid Levels

Check your fluid levels every 3,000 miles or according to your RV manual's instructions. Change all fluids as needed. Take your RV to a professional if needed to ensure your engine is in prime condition.

4. Seal Checks

Check your RV's door and window seals on a quarterly basis. Seals can break down when aging which can allow water to get into the interior. If water gets into your RV, then water damage and mold could result.

5. Wash and Wax

Wash your RV after each trip. You should also wax your RV regularly to protect the exterior.

When washing, make sure to cover vents to prevent water damage. Make sure to also dry your RV completely before storing it for long periods of time.

Performing RV Maintenance

RV maintenance always needs to be completed on a regular basis. Make sure to always follow your RV's maintenance schedule. Speak with your RV dealer about regular maintenance needed for your specific RV model as well.

After completing RV maintenance, your RV will be primed for fun for years to come.

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