Top 5 Winter Weather Truck Problems You NEED to Prepare for This Season

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Top 5 Winter Weather Truck Problems You NEED to Prepare for This Season

5 Winter Weather Truck Problems You NEED to Prepare for This Season

Think you're properly prepared for the winter months? Click here for 5 winter weather truck problems you absolutely need to be prepared for.

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The goal is to never use a runaway truck ramp.

But, it's well known that for both truck and car drivers, accidents on the road are considerably higher during the winter months.

Add to this the fact that your truck is considerably more likely to break down and encounter maintenance problems during the winter than at any other point in the year. To protect your business, you'll need to know how to protect your truck in the winter.

The cold weather can bring a number of problems you probably haven't even thought about. Read on to find out the five winter weather truck problems you need to prepare for this season.

Common Winter Truck Problems: The Battery

The cold weather can truly take its toll on the battery for your truck. A car battery only functions at about half of its normal capacity once the mercury hits 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This could severely reduce your productivity and safety.

Always check the fluid level of your truck battery as part of any routine cold weather conditioning, making sure to top it up or replace as needed.

Truckers should also consider getting their battery professionally tested during the winter season.

Visibility Problems

Visibility problems are the greatest threat to the safety of truck drivers in the winter. Snowstorms and other severe weather can result in drivers colliding with other vehicles or missing traffic signals. Make sure your visibility is 100% clear before driving.

One of the best winter automotive tips is to replace your windscreen wipers regularly or to extend their lifespan by adding a rubber guard to them. Take the time to de-ice your windscreen with antifreeze every morning.

Truck Engine Problems

The winter weather can quickly cause a truck engine to deteriorate, increasing the chances of being stranded or experiencing an accident. Motor oil tends to freeze, so make sure to check your oil regularly and to find the best oil for winter that'll see you through.

Use a multi-viscosity oil with a "W" in the viscosity index, such as 10W-30, 5W30, or 5W20. These are oils that are specifically designed for winter use.

Tire Problems

Truck drivers need to be especially vigilant with their tires. Having unsuitable ones can result in catastrophic accidents. Always make sure your tires are in perfect shape before setting out on icy roads.

You'll also want to get proper winter tires fitted onto your truck well before the season gets underway. This way you'll be able to avoid the most dangerous winter weather pitfall and know that your truck is road-worthy.

Heating System Problems

Heating system care is an essential part of winter truck maintenance. Make sure to regularly test your block heater to ensure it's running at full capacity.

Make sure your truck's heating and starting systems are running smoothly. A heating failure could be life-threatening in certain situations.

If you notice any heating problems with your truck, immediately send it in for maintenance.

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