Big Machines With Big Problems: What You Need to Know About Heavy Equipment Repairs

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Big Machines With Big Problems: What You Need to Know About Heavy Equipment Repairs

What You Need to Know About Heavy Equipment Repairs

When big machines break down, your day will, too. Here's what you need to know about heavy equipment repairs to get back to work fast.

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Do you know what went into building your current office building? It was likely built using various heavy equipment pieces. Probably at an active construction site a few years back.

The construction equipment operator industry alone is expected to grow around 12%! Using machinery is a key factor in sustaining this growth.

But as any worker knows, machines don't always perform as they should. Know you are in need of some heavy equipment repairs, but unsure where to start? Keep reading below for everything you need to know!

Is The Machine Repair Covered

A broken machine doesn't immediately mean dollar signs, so take a deep breath. Before doing anything, check on the machine's warranty. Most warranties will cover most maintenance related costs for a few years.

When shopping for new machines, it is wise to go with a company or supplier that has extended warranties. Look for comprehensive coverage too. Even if it costs a little more upfront, it can save you from disastrous repairs later.

Keep copies of all receipts and warranty information in a central location. This makes for easy reference later on.

Assess Financial Impact of Heavy Equipment Repairs

Saving money is a top priority for most companies and agencies. This usually means repairing and rebuilding machinery over buying new. But a cost analysis is sometimes important. Templates are widely available on the internet.

This takes into account sale price, interest, depreciation, and more. It will take this information and combine with associated operating costs. This includes things like regular maintenance schedules, fuel, and operator labor.

Keep Detailed Records of All Repair Work

When you do have work done on your machines, be mindful of getting an accurate receipt. Then don't use it as a coaster for your morning coffee. Keep tidy records for each piece of equipment.

If something breaks on a machine that you swear you replaced within the last few weeks or months, accurate records will help you be sure.

Be Proactive and Prevent Major Issues

Some final advice? Do your part to avoid major issues with your machinery. Step one is to ensure anyone who operates equipment has the correct training. Machines cannot protect themselves from user error.

Always test and add lubricants as needed. Heavy equipment can generate a lot of friction. This causes hot spots and prime areas for damage to occur.

Be sure to check for wear and tear often. Catching a minor issue early will prevent it from becoming serious. Check bolts, belts, and other moving parts.

Looking for more tips to keep your fleet of machines running well? Check out these additional maintenance tips.

Don't Let Your Machine Issues Intimidate You

Do you feel a little more at ease thinking about your heavy equipment repairs? We hope so. This information should have demystified the process a little bit.

Have some other questions? Want to run a repair by us? Please contact us and we would love to help.